Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some of the latest...

I'm not much of a Dale, Jr. fan, but I love the shirt!

This one is taken in the cafeteria at Savannah's "Honor Role Tea" (punch & cookies, eewe.)

This is one of us at this crazy dueling piano bar, we had so much fun, maybe too much, the goofy smiles give us away!

This is Christi and I under an icy tree. We flew into Albany, NY to shop for costumes on the day after the worst ice storm in 30 years! It was fun shopping with nothing but daylight, we even picked out our last two costumes by flashlight! But the weather didn't get us down, we had a great time, cut up all of the 24 hours that we were there. I thought Albany was wonderful. I can't wait for next year!! Maybe it will be warmer...

Merry Christmas! Our new year will be celebrated in Atlanta!! Woo Hoo! I love being a travelin' woman!

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